managing homesickness

managing homesickness

  • December 17, 2014

Homesickness is a reaction that is induced by being separated from the familiar environment, which usually creates challenges in diverse areas such as emotional, behavioural, somatic and social.

Every person has different skills and tools to overcome these challenges, for some people is easy to adapt to the new place whereas for others there is resistance to accept the changes which cause discomfort.

Homesickness can increase feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety, stress and can make you feel overwhelmed and hopeless.

If these feelings of homesickness impair your capacity to enjoy your life and are posing your wellbeing at risk, you may want to receive appropriate treatment in order to reduce symptoms, change unhealthy thoughts and feelings, and to have a better integration into the new community.

What can be achieved through this support group:

  • Identify up to what extent the feelings of homesickness are interfering in your life
  • Gain a better understanding about the reasons why you are experiencing homesickness
  • Develop mechanisms to deal with these feelings
  • Change unhelpful patterns regarding behaviour, emotions, thoughts
  • Develop a holistic plan to help you manage homesickness
  • Broaden supportive networks in order to reduce isolation

Who can benefit from this support group:

Adults and adolescents who are either:

  • Migrants who have settled in Australia (New arrivals and long-term residents and citizens)
  • International students and accompanying family members
  • Visitors who are struggling with feelings of homesickness

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