When we lose someone

When we lose someone

  • January 2, 2015

Grief is our natural response to loss. We can grieve different things or aspects of our life, for example, a loved one, a pet or even a country or identity.

In terms of grieving a loved one, we may experience a multifaceted range of emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety, disbelief, relief, guilt, self reproach. Physically, we can feel exhausted, numb, sick, we can experience difficulty sleeping and a different range of manifestations.

What is important to address is the fact that this is a natural, individual and singular experience. Nobody grieves the same way as another even if they are grieving the same type of loss.

After a period of time we will probably be able to integrate the loss and rediscover a way to continue with our life, including finding experiences of joy and satisfaction. Within this, we often remember our loved one with a mix emotions, sometimes positive or sometimes a tinged with sadness, but with a lower intensity than in the beginning.

Some general tips that can help in this difficult time are:

• Talk about your loss with someone

• Be patient and gentle with yourself

• Healthy eating

• Get enough rest

• Maintain some physical activity that you enjoy

Written by Miguel Lopez

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