emotional wellbeing

emotional wellbeing

  • December 17, 2014

The human nature is holistic, it is a system that works in perfect harmony. Body and mind are meant to keep a deep connection which ensures a good balance in life. When the emotions are negatively affecting your life, this balance is broken which usually leads to the appearance of diverse ailments.

Therefore, being able to regain the harmony in your life by understanding your emotions, integrating them into your experience of life and being able to transform unhealthy emotions into positive and healthy emotions will probably be quite rewarding for you.

As you change in the inside by healing your inner being and dealing with emotional blockages and unhealthy feelings, the outer world can also experience positive changes.

What can be achieved through this support group:

  • Identifying unhelpful / unhealthy emotions
  • Gaining a better understanding about the causes behind unhelpful emotions
  • Understanding and clearing emotional blockages
  • Finding within yourself new emotions that serve you in a healthier manner and that are in line with your desires and goals
  • Empowering yourself to be able to use your capacity to create and make changes in order to guide your emotions in a way that they help you be who you truly are

Who can benefit from this support group:

  • Adults who would like to understand themselves better in order to have a more enjoyable and fulfilling life

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