Community Projects

Group therapy:

Our team has been working together with Refuge of Hope delivering a program for international students who speak Spanish, called “Empowering students”

Our psychologists Paula Botero and Paola Vacarez have been facilitating group therapy. We have run four groups of five sessions each. Participants, volunteers and staff members have advised that they have found the sessions very rewarding in terms of their personal knowledge and understanding, as well as to create a greater sense of community support and care for each other.

During the sessions, we have mainly provided a safe space to get into a journey of discovery, learning and getting in touch with emotions while being supported by professionals and creating bonds with the group, some making strong friendships and some feeling they are truly being heard and feeling like they are not the only ones struggling.

Participants advised that feel they belong, their voices count and they can be themselves without being judged, knowing that there are people who care.

This program has been possible thanks to our partnership with Refuge of Hope, through funding received to deliver programs to promote the wellbeing of international students. These sessions had no cost for participants.

Keep an eye on the sessions to come!! If you would like to partake on this wonderful program, feel free to get in contact with us!!!

Thanks, Refuge of Hope for making this happen!!!


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